• Seychelles Island - Holiday

    Holiday Blog – Seychelles

    Seychelles – The last refugee of the Earth conquered by people My perfect vacation has some ingredients, like: 30 degrees, beautiful turquoise waters with the white sand, or coral reefs. I…

  • Machiajul feței în cinci minute / Easy makeup in five minutes

    Easy makeup in five minutes

    Easy makeup in five minutes Welcome back to my blog, today I will show you my five minutes easy makeup routine as we all had that moment when you are in…

  • Încearcă înainte de a cumpăra, try before you buy

    Try before you buy

    Try before you buy Welcome back to my blog, today we will talk about cosmetics more exactly to try before you buy them, believe me, it is much easier and cheaper.…

  • infused water, apa infuzata

    Infused water

    Infused water- a delicious thing for me and my body Infused water is for me an alternative to sweet juices we often drink during the summer and as you already know,…

  • gustari sanatoase-healthy-snacks

    Top 5 favorite healthy snacks

    My love for healthy snacks I want to reveal to you one of my little secrets: I love snacks taken between meals. I am very greedy when it comes to culinary…

  • Travel

    Firenze Italy

     Firenze and my adventure This time, I am choosing to share my experience from a special holiday. And if I am calling it special it is because this destination has succeeded…

  • Face makeup foundations

    Foundations for oily to mixed skin

    Face makeup foundation for combination oily skin I know that during the summer most of you approaches a more natural face makeup but I always like to adapt myself according to…