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about me

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am Aisel and I am sure we will be good friends.

I am joyful, optimistic, creative and I love to use these qualities in everything I do. I love to inspire the people around me to feel good and enjoy life.

In this little virtual corner, I focus on three of my biggest passions: beauty and how to enhance it through makeup and care rituals, travels and everything about them, and last but not least, health and how to keep it and make it better.

As you may already know from my Instagram profile, I am very passionate about makeup and beauty. I think that makeup is a fine art specially made for women, to help us feel the prettiest.
Since I was a little girl I liked to draw and put makeup on. I remember I used my mum’s lipsticks and eye shadows, like many of us ;), and I used to put makeup on as best as I knew back then. Even if my makeup wasn’t always good, as I used to be told, I was sure it was a masterpiece. Today I brought my makeup skills to a different level, perfecting my techniques every day.

I love animals very much and I help them every time I can. My love for animals was what determined me to adopt a vegetarian diet.

I like to take walks and experiment new things. From small walks in nature to trips to different countries and cities 🙂 that I leave them to you to discover here.

About the Blog

BeautybyAisel.com is my space sprinkled with beauty, health and world exploration, dedicated to you. I gathered here all my experience throughout the time from beauty, wellness and trips to inspire you to feel excellent and look gorgeous.

On BeautybyAisel you can expect to find everything about a healthy lifestyle combined with:

Beauty: here you find everything about makeup, skin care, inner and outer beauty, makeup tutorials, product reviews, personal development.

Health: here I write about super healthy and delicious recipes, exercise ideas for body tightening and toning, delicious vegetarian recipes that anyone would love, ideas to feel good emotionally.

Travel: this is where you can get inspiration from the experiences I had in different corners of the world, interesting destinations, guides and advice about how to plan your trips.

The purpose of this blog is to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle because, in the end, you should not let life control you, but you can choose to control your life. You don’t need to choose between health and happiness because they are the same thing. But happiness is a choice.

BeautybyAisel – Happiness is a choice

Created from the desire to inspire you to be the most beautiful, I invite you to discover the blog, enjoy who you are, and feel good in your own skin, dear beautiful women!

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Love, Aisel
Aspire to Inspire!