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  • Machiajul feței în cinci minute / Easy makeup in five minutes

    Easy makeup in five minutes

    Easy makeup in five minutes Welcome back to my blog, today I will show you my five minutes easy makeup routine as we all had that moment when you are in…

  • Încearcă înainte de a cumpăra, try before you buy

    Try before you buy

    Try before you buy Welcome back to my blog, today we will talk about cosmetics more exactly to try before you buy them, believe me, it is much easier and cheaper.…

  • Face makeup foundations

    Foundations for oily to mixed skin

    Face makeup foundation for combination oily skin I know that during the summer most of you approaches a more natural face makeup but I always like to adapt myself according to…

  • Beauty

    Caring for the makeup brushes

    Firstly I want to tell you that I have a special passion for makeup tools and accessories and I like to have a broad collection of makeup brushes. I enjoy using…

  • animale, animals, iubirea pentru animale, asociatii animale, animale abandonate, protectia animalelor, iubesc animalele, adoptii animale, ONG animale

    My Love For Animals

    I love animals since I was a little girl. I was blessed to live in the countryside with many animals and birds in my backyard, which helped me grow up with…

  • Summer tips, Sunblock,Pielea, Sunscreen, SPF

    Summer tips For Your Skin Care

    Summer tips We are almost in mid of summer and many of us are excited to go on holiday and enjoy the sun. If you haven’t done that already. I enjoyed…

  • facts about me / Eu cu Mine Despre Mine

    30 Random Facts About Me

    Why Random Facts About Me? Once I started writing about the things that help me to be beautiful, in shape and about my experiences of holidays, I realized that my blog…

  • skin care / masca de fata

    Favorite skin care products

    The importance of skin care: The face and body skin depends largely on our lifestyle, what we eat and drink and the skin care products we use. It is important to…