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  • infused water, apa infuzata

    Infused water

    Infused water- a delicious thing for me and my body Infused water is for me an alternative to sweet juices we often drink during the summer and as you already know,…

  • gustari sanatoase-healthy-snacks

    Top 5 favorite healthy snacks

    My love for healthy snacks I want to reveal to you one of my little secrets: I love snacks taken between meals. I am very greedy when it comes to culinary…

  • Fitness acasa pentru femei, exercitii, sport, abdomen plat

    Fitness At Home For Women

    Sometimes the biggest problem is that they don’t own sports equipment. Whether it’s running shoes, fitness machines at home or money to go to the gym, these are totally unnecessary because…

  • suc de rodii, Sucuri Naturale, juices

    Natural Juices Made at Home

    Natural Juices Since I started having a healthy lifestyle I paid an increased attention to fruit and vegetable juices. Juices are a way to include as many fruits and vegetables in…

  • Ceai alb pret

    Benefits of white tea

    Benefits of white tea are many and varied. Benefits of white tea : China produces the majority of white tea and it has a long history that begins with Sung dynasty…