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 Firenze and my adventure

This time, I am choosing to share my experience from a special holiday. And if I am calling it special it is because this destination has succeeded to amaze me from many points of view. This place is the one that brought me closer to our historical roots: this place is called Italia Firenze. It is a historical paradise which combines the beauty of this town with its medieval air. In November 2014 I bought plane tickets for this destination because I was thinking to visit some relatives during this special holiday. This was the perfect opportunity for a nice trip near the ones that I loved.

When I arrived there, I have decided to spend the first day of my holiday with my relatives. I’ve really enjoyed this day since I haven’t seen my relatives in such a long time it was wonderful to catch up. Then, I went for a trip near the famous Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore where I tasted for the first time the famous Italian espresso. It was a good way to prepare myself for visiting the fantastic Cathedral.

About Firenze, I can say that is a beautiful town with the sun and with many special things.

Because I am a romantic person, I can say that the sunsets that I have seen here were my favorites. I just loved to admire from my balcony the Italian sunset. The buildings were covered in a special light which reminded me of a past decade.

I chose this destination for my holiday because  I was willing to try as many things as possible and to visit as many places as I can. I was also willing to discover things able to inspire me during my whole life. Firenze has succeeded to do this and even when I am writing this lines my mind is still there, in that paradise of my soul.

Things to do in Firenze:

  • Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (In English “Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers“)
  • Boboli Gardens were the first things that I have visited and I was impressed by the beauty of their architecture. There, I could see the most beautiful gardens that I have ever seen. For a few minutes, I really thought that I was living in a fairytale.
  • Ponte Vecchio – and because I am shopping addict I tried to do some shopping as well. I have found this great place which is called Ponte Vecchio where I’ve found many luxury stores.  I have spent some time there, I have bought many beautiful things but I was in a hurry because I really wanted to visit a lot of places by the end of the day. So I let my shopping addiction and I tried to enjoy every second spent in this beautiful town.

At the end of the day, I was exhausted and impatient for a new day to start. I had so many plans for this holiday and I was trying to explore as much as I could. In my opinion, Firenze is a great destination for a cultural but also a romantic holiday.

My own way to relax 

After many hours of visiting a lot of places, I have decided that I want to spent some time for me and to spoil myself during this holiday. So I have decided to spend the nights on my balcony, with a glass of champagne. It was my own way to relax after a long day.

One of the restaurants that I really loved it’s called All’Antico Vinaio and it combines a modern atmosphere with great Mediterranean food that is why this is the place where I have tried a lot of seafood specialities.

Another amazing restaurant that impressed me a lot it’s called Palagio – Four Seasons Hotel and if you are willing to try a sophisticated place this is the best place to be. Here, I have found classy people and great food. All in all, it was a fairytale experience.

Some advice for your holiday

If you have in mind to choose this destination for your holiday you must now that it’s a must to reserve at least seven days for having this experience. You will need time to discover this beautiful place and I can assure you that this paradise will really get you satisfied.

I want to return here because I am still dreaming at that beautiful sunset, that huge red light that was covering all the buildings. This is a place to love and to be loved.

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