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Sometimes the biggest problem is that they don’t own sports equipment. Whether it’s running shoes, fitness machines at home or money to go to the gym, these are totally unnecessary because we can do exercises to lose weight without them, in the comfort of our homes.

I often hear people saying that they want to lose weight, but for some reasons they don’t start exercising, therefore, they don’t have any results.

One of the reasons why they don’t have the physique they desire is that they don’t actually start exercising, and another reason is that they don’t support themselves and their objectives with a healthy diet.

Let’s not forget the time. Time is probably the greatest obstacle people have, probably the one on top of the list of reasons I mentioned above and creates the biggest inconvenience. I think we have time to do everything we want, but what really matters is how we prioritize things in our life.

We don’t need anything but our will and our own body weight and suddenly we made a shift of perspectives.

I don’t recommend those weight loss diets because they are unhealthy. They don’t help our body to lose weight in a balanced way, they don’t give us all the nutrients we need to stay healthy and not lose muscle mass. Therefore after weight loss diets the yo-yo effect occurs.

Sports is part of my lifestyle. I practice cardio exercises regularly and together with the healthy diet I have, I work to have the optimal shape.

Fitness program at home for women

Today I’ll help you make your own fitness program at home so that you don’t feel discouraged anymore because you lack something, and you can even start today!

What you need is to actually want to start exercising.

When you exercise I recommend you to wear comfortable clothing, put on some comfortable shoes to benefit the most from each exercise. I also recommend you to have a bottle of water around you in case you get thirsty, but even if you don’t, it’s still good to drink water when you exercise.

The fitness exercises that I chose are very effective when you want to lose weight, tone your body and last but not least be healthy and in great shape!

These exercises are a mix of cardio and strength and complete each other very well. You can include them both in your fitness program or you can focus only on cardio or strength exercises whichever you like better.

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are great when you want to lose extra weight. This type of exercise increase vascular rhythm and strengthen the heart. Blood circulation and various metabolic processes occurring in the body are also accelerated. Therefore cardio exercise helps to reduce body fat.
Examples of cardio exercises you can do at home any time are brisk walking, running, dancing, jumping rope.

The exercises I recommend below will put your body on fire 🙂 Do these exercises you work the entire body. You can do these moves for 20 seconds each, 8 sets with 10 seconds of rest between sets.



Mountain climbers

Exercises for arms

The toned arms of a woman are very sexy and exercises below will help shed the fat off your arms and keep them in the best shape. These exercises are not going to make you look broad-shouldered or too muscular, but will sculpt beautiful arms.
If you do them for 1 – 2 minutes each move with 20-30 seconds rest between exercises, you’ll start to see good results soon.

Ab exercises

A flat abs without any fat is what all women want. The following exercises are perfect for getting rid of the extra fat on the abdomen and make it stronger. You can do these exercises 1-2 minutes each. You can repeat 2-3 times until you feel your abs on fire. That’s where you want to go if you want to have results 🙂

The first exercise focuses on the upper abdomen

The second exercise focuses on the lower abdomen.

Exercises for the buttocks and legs

These exercises for the buttocks and legs are wonderful! They focus on the glutes muscles, calves and leg muscles so that you have beautiful legs and buttocks, an asset for any woman! You can combine them in a session of exercises for the lower body, 30 seconds for each exercise. It takes two minutes of exercises in total, you can repeat 2-3 times.


Squats are the mother of a lifted and beautiful rear. I think that this is what Brazilian women practice every day to have a world-famous ass 🙂

Glute kickbacks

They are great for the buttocks. Keep the muscles of your buttocks tight when you do this exercise.


Luges focus on both the legs muscles and the glutes. This way you get two birds with one stone. This exercise is intense.

Hip lifts

The girl below placed weights on her abs when doing this exercise. For starters, it is best to just use your body weight, and when you become stronger you can place a 0.5 L/1L bottle water on your abs if you don’t have dumbbells, but at the right time.

Now that you see how easy it is to start exercising, I wonder what stops you? You have everything you need to start exercising immediately and look better every day: you have yourself and the exercises that I have shown above.

Which of the above exercises you like and why? Which ones you’ve tried? I would love it if you’d write me in the comments.

Love, Aisel
Aspire to Inspire!

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