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Aisel, Greece, Santorini Island, Fira

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous

I wanted to go to Santorini for a long time. I had in mind a holiday in Greece and I was ready to explore what some travel agencies had to offer, the time for holidays finally came. It’s my favorite period of time in the year! As you already know me, I am spontaneous and I make choices in tune with what life brings me. And most of the times I am fortunate because the choices I make – not only in terms of holidays or vacation, they always turn out to be relevant, full of beautiful experiences and finally crowned with success.

So, one day while I was walking in the Mall I passed a travel agency and I saw a nice picture of the famous Santorini Island in the display window. I followed my intuition and I went inside to find out some information about the offers of accommodation in Santorini. Everything was so perfect that I instantly bought the holiday pack in Greece.

I was happy to have found the best holiday offers in Greece and this immediately made me dream of the most beautiful week in one of the most exotic destinations.Everything went so fast and natural, and there I was with a purchased vacation! I didn’t need to go anywhere else, except on holiday.

On June 28th this year I left and I returned on July 5th. I planned to spend the holiday week by exploring almost the entire island and enjoy the sun and the views as much as possible. That is what I did, so I’ll tell you more about how I spent my holiday.

How I spent my holiday in Santorini Island, Greece

I stayed at a 5 * hotel in Fira. The people who work there are very nice, cheerful and very positive. They made my stay as beautiful as it could have been and I felt at home. It was great that the staff there was so well prepared to make us feel as good as possible.

It’s nice to see people smile at you and treating you nice without expecting anything in return. These are exactly the people to my liking ๐Ÿ˜‰ who give me hope and make me believe in the Human in every one of us.
This kind of people makes you feel their positivity :). It’s a contagious positivity. You can’t feel sad or worry when you have such people around you. With my reserves full of positive emotions I was ready to feel good and forget negativity and problems for the whole period of my stay in Santorini.

Every morning I had breakfast at the hotel admiring the volcano and the Aegean Sea. The landscape, the sound of the sea, the sea breeze, the volcano which I admired together with the clear blue sky awakened my senses each morning. It was an original way to wake up from sleep and prepare myself for the day ahead. It was a unique experience for me and new each time.

Breakfast Hotel Santorini, Beautiful View Santorini Island

The first day I arrived I sat by the pool. I chose to get some rest after a long and tiring trip. It was perfect for the first day and I was able to relax very well.

Visiting Oia: Shopping and Beautiful Sunset

Oia Sunset, Beautiful Sunset Oia, Sunset Greece, Sunset Santorini

The next day, feeling refreshed, I went to visit the famous city Oia which is known for its dreamlike beautiful sunsets. Oia is a small town that occupies a part of the Santorini Island, and it’s also known for its immaculate white buildings! Many, if not almost 90% of the houses or buildings are white and have some blue elements like the fence, roof or shutters. First of all, I discovered that they are painted like this, in white and blue, to symbolize the Greek flag.

I did shopping in Oia, I bought small souvenirs and other little things that enchanted my eyes, found some striking similarities between the culture of the Greeks and the Turks. Coming to Greece after my vacation in Turkey I found some things that the Greeks borrowed from the Turks. Like baklava or the evil eye, but sometimes even the Greek physiognomy seems to resemble the Turks.

Full of curiosity, I wanted to know what links the Greeks with the Turks. Sitting at a bar and drinking a cocktail I asked the DJ about it and he told me that Turks occupied Greek territory for 400 years – from the 15th century until 1821 when the Greeks declared their independence, but they failed to obtain it from Ottomans until later and with the help of other states. Under the Ottoman domination, the Greeks borrowed Turkish cultural elements, that’s why there are similarities between the two cultures. However, the Greek baklava is made with walnuts and honey, and the Turkish baklava is made with pistachios and sugar syrup ๐Ÿ™‚

In Oia, I ate the famous Greek salad and I abused Freddo espresso! Mmmm, delicious coffee, and ice.

Fira, the Capital of Santorini and Espresso Freddo

On the third day, I went to the center of Fira where I abused again Freddo espresso. I couldn’t get enough, this coffee is awesome and I recommend you try it.

I was delighted by the food and the great view! Of course, I did shopping again :))

At midday, I returned to the hotel to relax in the sun by the pool and to plan the next move :). Being at half of my stay in Santorini I needed a little planning for maximum fun and new activities for the days to come.

Luxury Yacht and Romantic Dinner

Luxury Yacht Santorini, Yacht Greece,

On the fourth day I rented a private luxury yacht to make sure I see the island from another perspective ๐Ÿ™‚ And well I did because I went through the volcanoes, where I was pleasantly surprised to see that in fact there are two volcanoes, not one like I saw from the hotel.

Volcanoes Greece, Two volcanoes Santorini, Sunset between Volcanoes

It is the same in life, if we confine ourselves only to a point of view we might stay there all our lives and lose sight of what is the most beautiful. It is good to change our perspective so that we learn new things and enrich our experience.
I had dinner on the yacht while I admired the sunset on the sea. It was a great experience :).

Perfect Tan and Zorba the Greek

On the fifth day I sat in the sun all day, I indulged my body with creams, and in the evening I attended a true Greek event, where I danced and I broke plates on the song of Zorba the Greek.
I liked it very much, it was super fun and the staff and their good wine were enough to help with the wonderful evening!

Aisel Bronze, Sun, Tanning, Sunbathing, Evening in Santorini Island

I spent the remaining days until the end of the holiday exploring the neighborhood and enjoying the sun as much as possible! Also, I absolutely love the sun and I took advantage of the good weather to get tanned and have a perfect tan which I will wear on my skin long time from now. It will remind me of the special days in Santorini, Greece.

After so many wonderful experiences, positive and beautiful people I returned home with a big smile on my lips. Now the Romanians look like they are more beautiful, calm and relaxed ๐Ÿ™‚ With this fabulous holiday I have added another wealth of memories in my memories chest!

Love, Aisel
Aspire to Inspire!

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