Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Los Gigantes, Tenerife

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Tenerife Holiday

The first vacation I had when I lived in England was is Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.
I really needed to relax in the sun, somewhere not too far, but still warm, was missing the exotic heat of the sun, the warm sunlight, the sea breeze, the sand through my toes.

I missed sunbathing and getting tanned, so I chose Tenerife, Los Gigantes. The area is called like this because of the high hills formed on volcanic rocks, that I admired closely from the seafront. The texture of these rocks can be seen easily from the cliff or boat, and it offers a spectacular view specific to the area.

The weather here is always warm, maybe this is the best weather in the world, compared with the UK which has a mild and ever changing weather.
Here I stayed about a week at the hotel with the same name, Los Gigantes, which I didn’t randomly pick. I wanted to be closer to the volcanic mountain and the black sand that gives a unique view of the beaches.

The natural beaches of Tenerife have black sand and the ones that have golden sand are artificially created by humans. Here the sand is black due to water erosion of the volcanic rocks. However, the beaches are so beautiful in their own unique way, even if they don’t overlap with the image that most of us have when we think about exotic beaches: golden sand and turquoise crystalline water.

Plaja Tenerife

My first day:

I didn’t do very much because I arrived late in Los Gigantes. Instead, I relaxed after the nearly 4-5 hours long trip, drinking a glass of wine on the terrace, listening to the ocean waves and feeling the sea breeze. I had a very pleasant feeling to be there in the midst of the world and I couldn’t wait to discover what Tenerife has to offer me.

It was a dream waking up there. I loved to eat breakfast and drink my coffee in the chill of the mornings admiring the magnificent view. I felt gratitude for all the beauty of the area I could see.

Boat ride on the ocean

The next day after breakfast, talking to a few tourists I found out that the boat ride beside the mountain is excellent and if we have a bit of luck we can see the dolphins and whales offshore. I didn’t have the luck to see the dolphins and the whales, but it was an interesting experience to travel by boat and know that somewhere under our boat can be huge whales 🙂

Whenever I have the opportunity I take a boat ride on the sea or the canals, because it offers a very beautiful view and a different experience of the place.
Here I saw Los Gigantes cliffs that are really impressive. I saw beautiful beaches with black and golden sand, and the landscapes are outstanding under the late morning sun.

Anywhere I travel in the world I must try their foods, so in the evening I had dinner at a local restaurant in the Los Gigantes port. Here I drank sangria for the first time 🙂 the real Spanish sangria. If you arrive here, don’t miss it.

Sangria Tenerife

I also met some cheerful, friendly and funny locals, just to my liking. The Spanish spirit of the people here always delighted me. The locals are relaxed, warm, welcoming, and depending on which Canary Island they live on, they are called a specific name. For example, the locals of Tenerife Island are called Tenerifeños 🙂

Loro Park

Loro Park Tenerife

Only at one hour away driving from the hotel, I went to visit Loro Park. Because it is a zoo, I saw countless species of parrots, tigers, dolphins. This zoo is home to many species of animals and plants. It was an interesting experience with a lot of noise, which I will not repeat. I don’t agree to keep animals captive for our entertainment.

Submarine Ride

Aisel-Submarin Tenerife

I had a submarine ride for the first time in my life. I have always been very curious and I liked to experience new things. Exploring the ocean by submarine was a pleasant experience for me, even if my ears were clogged badly, even more than when I go by plane. At 60 meters deep in the ocean, I saw many species of fish, catfish, fish of all sizes and all colors, and what I really liked was that I saw several shipwrecks. The shipwrecks made me think about the adventures of the pirates. It was nice to see how, in the modern world, underwater, there is an old world that tells the stories of the Canary Islands. It is very nice to see the underwater world.

Siam Park

Siam Park is a famous water park in Tenerife. Here I had a lot of fun and an experience that was as amusing as it was embarrassing.
I loved going down the high slides, but at some point, I lost the panties from my bikini and I was left so uncovered …. :))) I felt very ashamed, but I was lucky that one girl gave me her bath towel to the cloakroom. It was very nice of her 🙂

Whales in binoculars

After the adventure at Siam Park, I decided not to go on the slides anymore, but to spend a few quiet days on the beach enjoying the sun and searching for whales with my binoculars. This time, I was fortunate enough and I saw some beautiful whales, but I didn’t take any pictures because it was something very spontaneous and I wasn’t prepared for. I was pleased that I was able to see them after which I went to admire the black sand beach and bathe in the ocean for the first time. I thought the black sand will stain towel or clothes I wore, but it didn’t happen. The black sand is really friendly. This black sand beach was hotter than the ones I know with white sand. So I recommend wearing slippers or flip-flops, or else you feel like walking on hot coals.

This was my experience of this vacation in Tenerife Island, with humor, warmth, and black sand. Girls, be careful not to lose your panties in Siam Park like I did 🙂

I’d love you to write to me your experiences you had in Tenerife. Where you go? What did you do and what did you like the most? I look forward to reading your replies.

Love, Aisel
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