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Moeciu de sus

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About Moeciu de Sus

Moeciu de sus is found within the foothills north-west of Bucegi and therefore the east of Stone Mountain parkland and is one amongst the oldest access roads between the 2 Romanian provinces: Transylvania and Romanian Country.

Situated regarding 30 km from Brasov on picturesque natural setting Moieciu common in recent years has become a very important vacation destination for tourists from home and abroad.

The area has various artistic centres particularly popular in sculptured wood.

Bran and Moieciu de Jos are two mountain villages located between two mountain ranges, and Piatra Craiului Mountains, 200 km from Bucharest and 30 km from Brasov (south – west), on the road between Brasov and Campulung (57 km) , the previous road between Transylvania and Wallachia. The altitude is between 700 and 900 m.

The first day in Moeciu de Sus

As you know and you are already accustomed with me I love travelling. This time, I chose to leave the overwhelming heat from the sea away and make a getaway for a few days in Romania, at this great place from our country, which is called Moeciu de Sus.

On the road to the destination, we made a little stop in Sinaia at Restaurant Forest (Ioana Hotel) where I enjoyed some tasty and varied food and I was really happy to eat some good vegetarian food. As you already know, I am a vegetarian girl and I am looking for all kind of places with great food.

My favourites from their menu were: sauteed spinach with garlic and baked potatoes with pink marine salt.

After I finished eating I moved on their terrace for a coffee. This terrace was is in the middle of the forest and has a wonderful view, accessorised with different coloured flowers as you can see in my pictures. I had a great feeling by staying there, looking at the blue sky and listening to the wind.


Forest Restaurant Sinaia


I enjoyed spending a few minutes on a hammock nestled between two large trees, after I loaded my batteries was ready for a new experience and start again to my final destination – Moieciu de Sus. Once I arrived there I rested for a few moments and I ended the day with a walk in nature.

The second day Cheile Grădiștei Resort

The next day I went to Cheile Grădiștei where we had lunch at the restaurant with the same name, here things are different, the service and food were really disappointing from my point of view… Fortunately, the breathtaking panorama saved the whole experience.

The last days we spent our time hiking and eating at different restaurants … First of all, I love to visit different places and meet people from all over the world and this was a really nice experience.
I also visited Bran Castle , a place that made me feel the medieval atmosphere of some ancient times.

I started thinking back to stories of princes and princesses , I realised that we have a rich and beautiful past and nothing can compare with a mountain view. Although I like more exotic destinations Bran was for me a place of peace that I needed at that time of my life.
That is all about my experience in the mountains …

And another thing : I highly recommend you the Sinaia Forest restaurant , a place with delicious food and impeccable service.

Enjoy your trip!

Love, Aisel.

Aspire to Inspire!

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