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Why Random Facts About Me?

Once I started writing about the things that help me to be beautiful, in shape and about my experiences of holidays, I realized that my blog is becoming increasingly open to you.

I showed you little corners of the three passions of mine and I decided that it is time to bring myself into the game in a more personal way.

I know that the About me part of a blog is the most read of all pages, and in addition to it I come with a list of 30 facts about me that I am happy to share with you.

I like the idea that this way we will know each other better and we will develop a beautiful friendship 🙂

So for those of you who want to know me, I am the first one to reveal 30 facts about me:

1. I was born in 1986.

2. My star sign is Libra, but I know that this doesn’t necessarily mean anything 🙂

The fact that we know the star sign of a person doesn’t mean that person is doomed to be exactly as described by that sign. A person is more complex than that, and by looking only from this perspective of the star signs, we risk limiting the way in which we relate to those people, thinking that we already know something about them. Well, if we do that we have high chances to be wrong and not see the uniqueness of each person.

3. I am 1.50 m (4’9 ”). I know, I am adorable.

Being petite is one of my strengths that make me look younger, leaving aside my beauty rituals. In addition, the heels fit me perfectly. There is beauty in every woman, regardless of the height.

4. I like my name.

Aisel is a Turkish and Azerbaijani name and it means ‘moon stream’. It is a name rarely used and I wear it with pride.

5. I am a perfectionist.

I like things well done, so well that they are perfect. I like a perfect makeup, perfect manicure and more. In everything I do I pursue perfection.

6. I dislike lies.

Honesty is very important to me. It is one of the human values that keeps people together. Lying, on the other hand, makes me want to go away from the people who use it. What good to spend time with someone who is not honest and lies to me? I understand that people have several reasons to lie, but to have a beautiful friendship or any relationship I believe that lying must be out of it.

8. I don’t like that some people constantly complain about things without even trying to change something.

There are many examples, and I am certain that you know someone who does that. I bet. The power of change is within us, but unfortunately, some people can’t access it and remain in this state of a complaint, in which they feel sorry for themselves without doing anything to change their situation. They either can’t or don’t want to improve their situation, the decision belongs to them, but I don’t like to see a person in this state. Obviously, when I see that this happens, I offer my help, but often it all goes back to “I don’t know why …” or “I can’t …”. I really believe that when you want something you will do anything to get it, but if you don’t really want something, you’ll just find excuses. I experienced that myself.

9. I am crazy about good food, so I cook at home 😉

I love well-cooked dishes, especially for my needs and for my taste. I cook at home anything that I have an appetite for, I like to eat healthily. In addition, I received many compliments for dishes that I cooked for my family and friends 🙂

10. I love to exercise.

After each cardio session, I feel great. For a long time, I have included exercising in my lifestyle. It is extremely beneficial for everything that we humans are: body, mind, and spirit. The feeling of wellbeing I have during the exercises and the results make me love exercising and to practice it regularly.

11. I do what I like and I do it obsessively 😛

I tend to repeat activities that I enjoy so many times that it may sound or appear that I have an obsession for that activity. I think that somehow this is connected to my perfectionism 🙂

12. I give compliments only if you really deserve them :))

And if I made a compliment then I really meant it.

13. I don’t like routine. I hate it.

Therefore I am always looking to experience new things. This way I enrich my life with diverse activities that don’t bore me and that help me learn and grow as a person. New things or activities are what break the routine for me, and I hunt spontaneity and adventures.

14. I seek perfection in everything I do and I love almost everything that is perfect.

I think it is always good to give all that is best in us, to do things as best as possible. I am my own critic and I always improve my skills and I see beauty and perfection in everything that I do.
How can we not love perfection? A beautiful song, nature, beauty, a good movie, even us humans, are all sides of perfection, and I love each of these aspects.

15. I love honesty.

I am an honest person. Therefore I will seek the company of people who are sincere. I think that the relationships that are based on honesty have the best chance to be quality relationships. I want quality relationships with people in my life, so I offer honesty and I ask sincerity back.

16. I’m crazy about horror movies and games.

Yes, my favorite genre of movies and games is horror. I love to play a good game like Outlast or Until Dawn. Now I wait anxiously new horror movies and games to be released. Let’s see what comes out in October. Even though it would be hard to choose just one, my favorite movie is The Silence of the Lambs. Brrr, horror, but I love them.

17. I love to laugh and I love happy and positive people.

I surround myself with such people because they make my life more beautiful. I feel good with such people who are a blessing 🙂 and I like to have good laugh sessions together with them.

18. I love personal development.

I’m a growing person and I am constantly changing. I like being the best version of myself that I can be, and personal development books and articles help me very much in this regard.

19. I like traveling.

Trips are a great way to discover the world, learn about the places I visit, and also about myself. With each trip I make I return home richer spiritually and with many beautiful memories. I went to many places and I’ve already written about some of them, but many will follow. So please stay tuned to get the latest news 🙂

20. I love art.

Since I was a little girl I had artistic inclinations and I was drawn to art. I used to draw for a long time, and I still do it occasionally. What other evidence do for the beauty of the human spirit do we have if not the creations in paintings, drawings, music or literary ones?

21. Writing is not my cup of tea, but I love blogging

I fell in love with blogging since I started this beauty blog and I do everything I can to make it about my hobbies and me, and especially to be a source of inspiration and help for you. I think it is an effective way to help thousands of people at same time. So, I think it offers the best means where I can write my thoughts and experiences peacefully.

22. Sometimes I can’t stop talking, sometimes don’t utter a word.

I like to talk, to tell stories, but I also like to listen. There are moments when I don’t speak is because I either listen or take a break from talking:P

23. I admire villains in movies with heroes.

They have qualities that make them special too. I really admire the intelligence of such characters and their ability to do anything to reach their purposes. My favorite villain character is Joker from Batman. I also like Harley Quinn, but she is second after Joker.
Even if these characters are often defeated and the good wins, they’ve had an amazing adventure, and so we did, because we saw them in action. Speaking of action, in any movie the plot is triggered by the presence of a negative character or event. Without the existence of evil, the nothing would be going on in the movie, just as in life. If there isn’t the least bad, we don’t move on, we don’t grow as people and we don’t develop.

24. I hate wickedness.

That kind of evil that is meant to hurt or destroy for no reason.

25. I dislike arrogance.

I avoid having arrogant people around me. I noticed that many people who are arrogant are full of themselves and they have a very high dose of superficiality. In addition, they are mean and envious people. These are people with whom I don’t waste my time because I like genuine and open people with whom I can have a conversation and can have a good laugh about small things.

26. I want to learn to sing rap, especially on Eminem’s lyrics.

I like Eminem’s music and his style. I wish that someday I could sing rap like him.

27. I like weapons.

Weapons are a symbol of power. They are both good and bad depending on how they are used. I like them because they can provide safety, but can also inspire fear.

28. I love animals.

They are also little souls. Even if they don’t speak there are ways in which they communicate with us. When we have pets around us, they can brighten our day. They provide us their honest and understanding looks, their presence when we don’t feel well, play with us and are very funny too. They deserve all our love and care.

29. I find human body fascinating.

I think our body is one of the greatest wonders of the universe. It is so complex and it fascinates me how each part has its own role, how this organism keeps itself alive without much conscious effort. I am talking about digestion, breathing, heartbeat, and all those unconscious processes that keep us alive. And especially the ability of the body to adapt to stress and to protect itself. Fascinating.

30. Yes, I like to be myself.

Everyone is unique in their own way. I am happy that I am MYSELF with everything that I am and that makes me unique. I feel great in my own skin and I wouldn’t ever want to be someone else than I am now. And I love to be what makes me Me.

Now it’s your turn. I would like to know you better. How about if you’d write me something about you in the comments?

Until next time,
Love, Aisel
Aspire to Inspire!

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