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Seychelles – The last refugee of the Earth conquered by people

My perfect vacation has some ingredients, like: 30 degrees, beautiful turquoise waters with the white sand, or coral reefs. I discovered all of these in Seychelles in one wonderful week spent there.

A field with impeccable beaches, full of quietness and not crowded. Some of them are framed by granite cliffs millennial covered with fine sand and turquoise waters. These “pieces of heaven” offered me great opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, diving, surf or, simply…relaxation.

But, let’s talk about how my adventure begun in Seychelles.

The journey to the “Indian Ocean paradise”

The journey to Seychelles Islands took me about 20 hours with an eight hours stop at Istanbul. I chose the “Turkish Airline” which made that the time spent in plane literally “to fly”.  I didn’t realize how time flew away, because the crew on board  spoiled me with delicious food, many drinks and great movies.

Staying at Kempinski Seychelles Resort

My dreamlike location in this vacation was the resort “Kempinski”, which combines in the same time the luxury with the comfort. It is exactly what it has to be it just takes your breath away when someone passes its threshold. The rooms are absolutely gorgeous, gifted with canopy bed and a wonderful view to the beach. The stuff’s so friendly and their food is delicious.

The kitchen in the Seychelles’s Archipelago it’s a combination between French, Indian and African food. Their preparations are mostly well flavored with various local spices. As a recommendation for chilling out on the beach I suggest you to taste the hibiscus iced tea, a delicacy! If we’re still on this subject, I’ll confess that I’ve abused a little of their gym and their creole rice recipe which was simply addictive.

Memories from the wonderful places

In the days spent on the Island I had the opportunity to see many wonders of nature. Several species of creatures that remained in my mind are: flying fox, african giant centipede, crabs of all sizes, giant african snail, giant turtles, various species of birds, stingrays, or octopus.

The experience was interesting because I had somehow to “hunt” the right time to see them in the wild and admire them in their full splendor.

My curiosity made me visit the Islands Praslin and La Digue…

„La Digue”, the most beautiful island in the world

After a pleasant ferry trip, I stepped on the most beautiful island, “La Digue”. It is the fourth largest island in the archipelago and is known mainly due to its beaches that attract thousands of tourists annually.

White sand beaches, the colour of the water of an unreal turquoise, palm and coconut trees in the immediate vicinity of the beaches have made the island to be considered one of the finest in the world.

I wanted to admire it all in its splendor so I did rent a bike which I did ride across the island,  through its dense and cool forests,  immortalizing in this way images that I will never erase from my mind. Finally, I tempered my thirst with a coconut, sitting on the beach, in the sound of the waves and the purity of the landscape created by the Indian Ocean.

I stop writing here and leave you to draw the conclusions from the photos posted below enjoy!


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