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My Travel Luggage

This summer I went on holiday in Santorini, Greece. With much enthusiasm I prepared myself, my travel luggage and carry-on to be complete and not to forget the essentials.

When packing up my luggage I pay attention to every detail and I plan my outfits to be efficient and not bring extra stuff in my bag. Usually, when I go on vacation somewhere in the world I am careful not to take too many things with me, to stay within the allowed weight for the luggage, but with so many wonderful clothes and accessories how can I succeed at the first try?!
With a little practice, trial and error, I managed to pack the things I love and made me feel like a Greek goddess.

I will share with you what my list of things to pack for vacation looks like. You can use my experience as a guide to packing up your things for a holiday so that you’re prepared for well-planned trips!

Hand baggage:

First of all, I always pack my carry-on first, before I do my travel luggage.

I am extra careful with the documents I need for traveling.

I checked twice before I left if I took my:

  • Passport
  • ID
  • Plane tickets
  • Wallet
  • Money and cards
  • I exchanged some amount of money into Euro
  • Keys from my house or apartment
  • Phone charger
  • Camera and charger and a backup battery
  • Small headphones that don’t take up too much space in my bag
  • A playlist of music to listen to while traveling
  • A favorite book or some books that I like to read
  • Pen and paper for writing

Home safety when you are away

If you are away from home for more that three days be sure that you left your home secure. For example, disconnect the electricity from the home appliances, turn the gas and water off if necessary.

I usually do these things and in addition, I pay more attention to the refrigerator πŸ™‚ Before I leave on vacation I make sure there is no leftover food in the refrigerator that might spoil.

What to do with your pets when you go on holiday

If you own a pet or plants you can ask a friend or a relative to come and feed your pet or water the plants.

If you can, you can bring your cat or dog to a hotel for pets in your city where you can leave them for the entire time you are on vacation. They are treated very well there, you can make a special feeding and playing schedule for them.

Often you can ask to have access to a live video camera to see your pet whenever you want. This way you can go on vacation without worrying about your beloved pet.

Snacks for a long trip:

Because I had to travel a long way to the hotel in Santorini, I brought with me some nourishing snacks.
Of course, I’m not a fan of meat and ham, and as snacks for the trip, I didn’t take sandwiches.

When I travel by bus I dislike the smell of salami and rosy sausage sandwiches from the people with whom I travel. I took some light snacks such as peanuts, fruit salad, water, fresh juice made at home πŸ˜‰
For on the plane, the drinks must be put in containers that are 100 ml or less. You can take up to 10 such containers or recipients on the plane.

Clothes for the holiday:

I always check what the weather will be like in the places where I go unless I make a crazy unplanned getaway. It happens sometimes πŸ™‚

I think twice what clothes I take because I always do shopping on vacation and I prefer to save some space in my luggage to fit in everything I buy πŸ™‚

An efficient way to pack the clothes is to roll them. This way the clothes are more compact and take up less space in the luggage.

Here’s what fit in my luggage:

  • A hat: it’s an important accessory when walking in the sun or when sunbathing. Trust me, you want to avoid unpleasant moments of sunstroke and you want to protect your hair from the sun.
  • Swimwear many and sophisticated: they highlight our body on the beach and can make us feel special and attractive.
  • Sexy underwear πŸ™‚ : I love lingerie and I like it to be beautiful and feminine.
  • Beach dresses or cardigans: they are very practical when I go to sunbathe. At one sweep I am ready for the beach.
  • Light colored pants: for cooler days or evenings, to be in tune with the summer holiday.
  • Elegant blouses: a couple of beautiful blouses for when I go out, take walks or visit places.
  • T-shirts and tops: to wear when I dress casually.
  • Shorts: I like them because they are very comfortable, sexy and match many outfits styles.
  • Outfits for the evening: to wear at events.

What shoes I took:

  • Flat sandals: for casual outfits. They are comfortable and I can walk a long time in the city.
  • Heeled sandals: to wear for the stylish elegant outfits.
  • Sneakers: because I like very much to walk. If you like to walk as much as I do then the sneakers are a must have.


Firstly, I never go anywhere without my favorite skincare products πŸ™‚

  • Hair care products: shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Don’t ever make the mistake of not protecting your hair from the sun when you go on holidays. The hair discolors and dries under the exposure to the sun or the water of the pool or sea, and it needs special care. Hair hydration is important if you want to have shiny hair on holiday.
  • Sunscreen is the most important product for the skin when you sit in the sun. To protect your skin from sun radiation and keep it as healthy as possible, it is imperative to use lotions or creams with SPF.
  • After sun lotion: the skin needs proper care after sun exposure. The after sun creams and lotions are wonderful and provide the special care we need after a sunbathing session.
  • Intimate wipes: I prefer the ones with neutral pH that are more sensitive and safer on the skin than the wipes that have added perfume.
  • My favorite makeup: of course, wherever I go I take them with me.
  • Perfume: just like makeup, they essential for every woman.


  • Jewelry: of course, jewelry is important to accessorize my outfits.
  • Sunglasses: I don’t forget to take my sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun radiation, but they are also chic and they complete my summer outfits.
  • Beach bag: it is practical and I can take everything I need when I go sunbathe – water, lotions, creams, sunglasses, a book, towel, and the like.
  • Elegant bag: to wear around town.

This is my list of things to pack that I took with me on my holiday in Santorini. It is a rather complex list that I check when I pack for holidays. This way I make sure I take everything I need for a successful holiday without the frustration of forgetting things at home.

What things from your luggage are essential when you go on holiday? I am sure we all have different needs when we pack our things. I wonder what your list looks like and I would be happy to know what your thoughts are.

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