Try before you buy

Încearcă înainte de a cumpăra, try before you buy

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Try before you buy

Welcome back to my blog, today we will talk about cosmetics more exactly to try before you buy them, believe me, it is much easier and cheaper. If you want to modernize your look, make a small change or simply find new ideas, make a stop at cosmetic stores for help from experts, but try before you buy!

Many cosmetic companies – including top brands as Chanel, Clarins or Clinique are quite generous on free products. Regarding smaller companies, you’ll find samples or products in smaller quantities for travelers to try the product before investing a fortune. And of course, there is my favorite place to visit: Sephora where I am encouraged to test every single product. 😀

Below are some tips for when you go to the makeup store 🙂

  • Do not go to the beauty shop when your skin misbehaves or when your skin is irritated, pimples etc. Why? Because then you will receive guidance about the skin care products and makeup that provides coverage and if your skin is usually in good those products are not what you need.
  • Go when the store is less crowded (I go during the week especially Mondays:D). In the morning or at lunch because then you will have more time and attention.
  • Find a saleswoman whose makeup style is one that you like, with a color similar to yours.
  • Be specific and tell the make-up artist what you like, what you don’t and how long you are willing to grant for your makeup routine in general, for example, if you know you do not like to apply false eyelashes or two colors on the eyelids do tell.
  • Do not forget that you should not buy anything unless you want, you’re not obliged to buy the whole ‘package’. Mixing brands of cosmetic products is as good an idea as that of mixing designer clothes. 😛


I hope you learned something new today from my tips, I wish you a lovely day and happy shopping!


Love, Aisel.

Aspire to Inspire!

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