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In 2013’s winter I decided to visit a friend of mine in The Netherlands. I haven’t seen her for a long time and I wanted to make a getaway in the Netherlands among windmills, cheese, and ladies behind glass windows.


Amsterdam is the city where you can explore the darker corners of your imagination and feel free. Many tourists come here to experience prohibited things in their home countries, like smoking grass or to fulfill their carnal pleasures. It is common to see people smoking weed and quietly smile in coffee shops.


In a couple of days spent here, I was able to visit quite a few places that actually made me fall in love with Amsterdam, which will tell you about immediately.

Boat trip on the canal

calatorie cu barca pe canal Amsterdam
I did not hesitate to sail on the canal and admire the beautiful city this way. I had a very nice view from the boat, I saw the beautiful houses, the bridges, the city up close. Some buildings on the side of the canal were tilted and because of this they are called the “dancing houses”.

calatorie cu barca pe canal Amsterdam

The canal was created to keep the sea at bay and now it is a great means of exploring the city in a different way than walking. No wonder that Amsterdam is called Venice of the North.

calatorie cu barca pe canal Amsterdam
The houses have a specific design that I liked very much. Looking at them is so pleasant and soothing.

I was very impressed by the wonderful buildings and sex shops, coffee shops, bikes, and museums. The most popular means of transportation here is the bicycle. An amazing fact about Amsterdam is that there are more bicycles (1 million in 2006) than people (800 000). Dutch people love to travel in the town pedaling. Not only that this is a habit, but it is also a tradition and a lifestyle for them.


Dutch cheese, YUM!

cascaval olandez, gauda
Dutch have a passion for both cheese production and consumption. The most popular kinds of cheese are Gouda, Edam, Hoorn. If you pass by a store with Dutch cheese, you should go in and try some. I tasted different kinds of cheese that I liked very much.

Sex shops and The Red Light District

Amsterdam Sex Shop
I visited various sex shops, very popular sight in Amsterdam. I also did some shopping. When you have where to choose from it is a pity not to buy 🙂 Many tourists go in sex shops and make fun of the items displayed. These stores are basically part of this city where you can talk freely about sex without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.

I was impressed very much by the famous Red Light District. I can tell you that I spent half a day admiring the beautiful women behind the windows, stopping in front of each one to greet them with a smile. A large number of people, women, men and children alike walk by the windows in the Red Light District. Yes, children. I saw mothers pushing the baby strollers by the windows and greeting politely.

The ladies who work in the Red Light District won my admiration because standing behind a glass window all day is not an easy thing to do. I call them ladies because even if they practice prostitution, the end justifies the means, and this is nothing to be criticized. After all, they are adult women and are able to make their own choices, and Amsterdam is where this type of work is legal. So there is perfect compatibility.

To compliment my experience of the Red Light District I went to visit one of the many museums of sex. It is so nice to be able to talk about sex openly without being afraid that you will be judged, or that you will make the other people feel embarrassed 😉

The Wax Museum Madame Tussaud

I visited a popular tourist attraction, Madame Tussaud. Madame Tussaud was actually a real person. She lived a long time ago, between 1700 and 1800. She learned to make wax sculptures and masks from the physician whom she served as a housekeeper. This practice was a method of preserving deceased persons or parts of their body. Mastering the art of modeling wax, she opened her own cabinet of figures in 1835, 15 years before she died. Her office had a horror room where the sculptures displayed were of criminals and victims of the French Revolution. Now, at the museum, we can closely admire Princess Diana, Angela Merkel, Dalai Lama, Wolverine, Queen, lots of celebrities and Rock and Roll stars, even Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein or Madame Tussaud herself.

Amsterdam Dungeon

Eh … Here I liked it very much because I’m crazy for all the adrenaline and horror 😀 In the Amsterdam Dungeon I’ve had a trip in the history of this city. It pleased my soul through theater shows I was part of. It was a unique experience to which I laughed and I tasted a little of the past horror of the Netherlands. Back in the present century, I ended the day dining at one of the restaurants in the area.

I must say that in Amsterdam I felt damn short because men and women are very tall :)) However, Amsterdam was generous and gave me a special mini holiday that nourished me with great memories every time. My experience in The Netherlands ended at a Spa in the heart of the city where I swam and enjoyed champagne. I celebrated my beautiful adventure in Amsterdam making separation from this place easier.

Love, Aisel.

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