How I Found My Inner Beauty

Frumusetea Interioara / Inner Beauty

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What is inner beauty

Men and women alike have an ideal of physical beauty to which we aspire every day. We take good care of the way we look, but often neglect what makes us beautiful on the inside. Inner beauty has a special role in our personal feeling of satisfaction, feeling happy and spread light, joy and warmth around us. Inner beauty is something we can cultivate to make us shine.

It’s a blessing to have a pretty face and an attractive body, but most important is inner beauty. This shapes us as individuals and helps us smile always and be full of life. In the end, when the beauty of the body alters, the light within us keeps us, beautiful people.

Inner beauty means to love yourself. When you love yourself then you take care of your body, your thoughts. You choose the people with whom you spend your time. You give up your toxic relationships and the people who don’t bring anything positive or good in your life, the ones who don’t appreciate you and make you feel bad. Loving yourself you will respect both yourself and others.

How I found my inner beauty

In my life, I went through events that helped me discover my inner beauty. Even if these events were not always positive, they had the greatest impact on my growth as a person. They helped me polish my personality and to shine.

Everything started 10 years ago when I hung around my vicious circle of friends. And by vicious, I mean a mentality that dragged me down not allowing me to be myself. I still see them now in front of my eyes with their perfect hair and slim bodies. They had everything they wanted, from “perfect” relationships to free drinks in the club :)), I didn’t see that as being a life. In comparison to my friends from that time, I had a few extra kilos and a strong personality, and that didn’t really help me fit in so easily. I was mocked at by most of my friends if I can call them that now, and their boyfriends. I wasn’t upset by the fact that they were making fun of me because I didn’t see the situation as being so bad. But one day everything changed.

I got sick of it!

Their mean jokes gathered together and I was overwhelmed, had more than enough to be the chubby one of the group I felt bad and I decided to change that about myself in order to feel better with my friends.

I then decided to go to the gym, but because the desire to lose weight was conditioned from the outside in order to be tolerated by the group, I did not like going to the gym. I came to a point where I starved myself and took diet pills which were promising weight loss. It was a trap I fell into, just like many other people do these days. And it was bad because it didn’t work, and beside this I got sick and my hair was falling terribly. I was exhausted all the time. All this because I wanted to be different and please my friends.
The desire to be accepted is common to all of us and to make it come true, some of us will take drastic measures. It was necessary for me to decide what changes to make for my health and well-being.

What changes I made

It was a chaos that lasted 4 years until I left everything behind and went away. I gave up my friends, I gave up the sick circles I had and I went on with my life.
It helped that I left Romania and moved to England. That way I had the space I needed to free myself from the old and start accepting myself, make new friendships, relationships, a new life. This worked for me, but I am sure you can free yourself and start loving yourself without moving out from your home country. If you are successful in setting your own boundaries the results will come too.

A new chapter of my life began

In England, far away from all, I started from 0 without acquaintances, family, without anything. I was like a phoenix bird re-birthing from its own ashes. It was very difficult for me because I had to find my inner resources and rise with my own strength. It was a real struggle with myself and my habits and had to get rid of to make a change in my life. Changes are painful because they require much effort, but as long as they are for your own good, it is all worth it.

I joined the gym again and adopted a healthy lifestyle. I changed my diet and removed the bread, sweets and fast-food from it, and everything that was an obstacle for my weight loss dream. With effort, I managed to lose weight and I am very proud if it. I lost my friends together with the kilos I lost. With this occasion, I saw who my friends really were. An athletic body and a pretty face do not necessarily guarantee beautiful people 😉

For me, this was an experience from which I learned a lot. Since then I have always tried the best I could to develop inside myself the ability to see people’s inner beauty, as with time outer beauty fades away but the beauty of our character will remain forever.

What is your story about inner beauty? Did you meet good looking people but who had an unpleasant way of being? Write to me in the comments section below.


Love, Aisel.

Aspire to Inspire!

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