Summer tips For Your Skin Care

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Summer tips

We are almost in mid of summer and many of us are excited to go on holiday and enjoy the sun. If you haven’t done that already. I enjoyed the warm temperatures and I indulged myself several times with sunbathing while relaxing and listening to good music.

Because it is summer, our skin is exposed more and more to sun radiation, when we want to get tanned, or when just walking in the town. Unprotected exposure to strong sunlight causes our skin to burn in a dramatically short time: 10-15 minutes.

We all know how capricious can our skin be in summer and how hard we try to keep it beautiful and glowing.

Depending on the skin type, its needs change in the warm season compared to the cold season. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that if you have oily or combined skin type you tend to cleanse your skin and remove excess sebum at different times of the day more than the usual; or if you have sensitive skin you hydrate your skin more because of its tendency to dry out due to the heat and you seek to stay more in the shade.

In summer we are more exposed to sweat, to a more abundant production of sebum, to skin dryness, and especially skin aging due to exposure to sun radiation.
More sweat or sebum production due to heat allows the dirt in the air to adhere more easily to the skin and to set in the pores causing blackheads, pimples, irritation and a generally unpleasant look.

So wearing sunglasses, a hat and a feminine attitude this summer give the start to adequate care for your skin to make it shine with beauty and health. Here are some key ideas that will help you take care of your skin this season.

Skin Hygiene

First and foremost, because impurities accumulate easier on our skin in summer, it is important to have clean skin.

In summer it is tempting to take colder showers, and this is even a healthy need of the body to cool down. A lukewarm shower is effective to remove excess sebum and doesn’t dry the skin. Hot water dries the skin in any season, but worse in summer when our skin is more stressed due to the heat.

For our face skin, it is better not to exaggerate with washing and wiping with a towel. A wash in the morning and once at night before sleeping is enough to remove impurities accumulated on it during the day.

Use soaps, shower gels or mild skin cleansers, avoiding the ones that dry it and are too aggressive on the skin.


Under heat stress, our skin can be affected by the occurrence of blackheads or pimples. To avoid this to happen, it is essential that once a week you exfoliate – gently – both your face skin and your entire skin of the body. This removes the impurities, dirt and dead skin cells that are clogging the pores and are causing skin irritation.

You can make yourself an effective scrub for the face and body. I wrote a scrub recipe which I use myself and I recommend here.


After exfoliation is important to apply a moisturizer. Never forget to apply moisturizer on your skin after exfoliation. Choose the products appropriate for your needs, with a mild formula that doesn’t load your skin unnecessarily. The most recommended moisturizers in summer are the ones that are noncomedogenic – they don’t contain ingredients that clog the pores.

I wrote about a few products that have a light texture, are well absorbed into the skin and are excellent for summer here.

A well hydrated and radiant skin is a body that is well hydrated. Drink plenty of water. This will help you moisturize your skin from the inside and will help it look very good on the outside. 8 glasses of water a day without counting tea, coffee or other beverages are a good start to be hydrated. In summer, the need to drink water is much higher, so do not neglect to drink enough water when needed.

Sun Protection

When the weather is warm, the sun feels pleasant on the skin, but it is harmful at the same time. The most important thing you can do for your skin when you expose yourself to the sun is to use sunscreen. Sunblock can even be used under makeup, but some makeup products already have a sun protection factor which makes it a lot easier for us 🙂

Applying sunscreen is required each time you expose yourself to the sun, whether just go out shopping in the city or go to sunbathe.

Don’t forget about your lips. Apply a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from dryness and sun damage.

Sunscreen, sunblock, SPF

Many of us neglect to protect ourselves with sunblock before we go in the sun and often find unwanted lines or shapes of tanned skin on our body.
For fair skin choose the sunscreen with SPF between 30 and 50 because there is the highest risk to get burned when you walk in the sun.
A light-to-moderate skin will be safe with a sunscreen with SPF between 15 and 30.
And a moderate to dark skin can resist exposure to the sun with a sunblock with SPF between 6 and 15.

Care for your sunburnt skin

Whether you haven’t protected your skin well enough and you’ve got red patches burnt skin, or you had a sunbathing session, you should always use a soothing after sun lotion.
Aloe vera gel is very effective for damaged skin. Avoid sun exposure when you have sunburns to avoid making your skin condition worse.

Keep your skin more natural

Use as little makeup as you can in summer. There is the chance that, if it’s not properly set, the makeup could fade from the face or change color due to the heat. In addition, this way you avoid overloading your skin, which can lead to irritation, comedones, and blackheads.

The most important products that should not miss from the summer skincare ritual are moisturizers and sunblock to protect against the sun’s harmful radiation.

If, however, you can’t be without makeup, I recommend using products which have a light texture, and definitely use sunscreen for the face under the makeup. Then set the makeup with a setting spray and you’re done!

Take care of your diet

Fatty foods, besides the fact that they are not healthy, they encourage excessive sebum secretion on the skin. Avoid fatty and fried foods, and your body together with your skin will thank you.

Eat as healthy as possible, including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Watermelon is delicious and we can always eat it in summer. Salads are an easy option to go for in the summer. Be careful, however, not to miss anything and have a balanced diet.

All these ideas to take care of your skin this summer will help you have the most beautiful skin on the beach.
What skincare ideas do you use to be happy in your skin? I always like to read how my ideas help you. Write me your thoughts in the comments.

Love, Aisel
Aspire to Inspire!

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